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Even before I could read, I wanted to tell stories. I'd block out a comic strip and draw stories with stick figures. Later, after I started school, I would climb the willow tree in my backyard, where I'd write in my journal and make lists of favorite words. As a teenager, I wrote poetry and my own Nancy Drew mysteries, but I never imagined being an author. I didn't think authors were real people. Instead, I went to college and became a teacher.

Then I married and had three daughters. I read them children's books and I fell in love with the poetic language, the wonderful characters, and the beautiful illustrations. One day, I decided to write my own book about the squirrel who raided our birdfeeder. "Hickory Squirrel" was never published, but I kept on writing, even after I went back to teaching. I took a class on writing for children, joined a writer's group, and went to writing workshops. I wrote, rewrote, and rewrote again.

Finally I had my first piece published in Humpty Dumpty Magazine. It was a recipe for making an elephant for breakfast. (Toast for ears, a banana for a trunk, etc.) Publishing my second piece was a struggle. I revised "The Dream Violin" fourteen times before it appeared in Highlights for Children. Since then I've published countless other stories, articles, and books for children. Seeing my words in print is a thrill, but even if I had never been published, I would still love the process of writing, polishing, and refining until I've told my story just right.

Linda Crotta Brennan is the Award-winning author of over twenty books for young readers including When Rivers Burned: The Earth Day Story, The Black Regiment of the American Revolution, and Flannel Kisses. She specializes in books about history, social studies, science, and the environment. Ms. Brennan has also written for the electronic media and magazines including Highlights for Children, Cricket, Smithsonian's Click Magazine, and Ranger Rick.

Ms. Brennan is an instructor with the Institute of Children's Literature. She's been a preschool and elementary school teacher, and the Teen Program Coordinator at a public library. She holds her master's degree in Early Childhood Education. She is an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and the Author's Guild.

Ms. Brennan grew up in New Jersey, an only child who spent a lot of time perched in a willow tree, reading. Now she lives in Rhode Island with her husband and a goofy golden retriever named Willow. She has three grown daughters and three marvelous grandchildren.



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Linda Crotta Brennan, award-winning writer of books for children, is the author of Marshmallow Kisses, Flannel Kisses, The Black Regiment
of the American Revolution, North Carolina: Rookie Read About Geography, Simple Economics Series, and a contributor to Women of the Golden State.
Ms. Brennan is available for writing workshops, school visits, book signings and book readings.